Our Mission

Benefiting Sacramento children and families

We have over 400 volunteers, 225 of whom are active. Each week, food entrées are meticulously chosen and guests are treated to dine in a beautifully maintained garden setting, all while knowing their presence there is benefiting the neighboring Sacramento Children’s Home. It’s a win-win. 


Our History

The story of how Casa Garden Restaurant and Event Center came into being is a source of great pride. Back in 1968, the chief concern of the Sacramento Children’s Home Board of Directors when a board member first proposed the idea of a women-led, volunteer-run restaurant as an ongoing fundraising activity for the Home was that a group of women may not know how to run a business. Other charities in other Northern California cities were operating similar restaurants with success, but the SCH Board was skeptical. One member stated, “Women are never going to want to cook and wait on tables. They do enough of that at home!”

After much discussion and deliberation, the Board decided to move ahead with building a restaurant on the SCH grounds, and it settled on a design that used the same floor plan as the residential cottages. If the restaurant failed, the Board reasoned, the building could quickly be converted into a cottage for more children. But it didn’t fail.

Since opening its doors on April 29, 1974, not only has Casa Garden become a household word, it has also become a community gathering place as well. Many changes have taken place as the restaurant expanded—adding its well-known patio area and greenery, refurbishing the old Staff House into a place where brides could dress and prepare for their weddings, enlarging the kitchen and second dining room, and even changing its name to Casa Garden Restaurant & Event Venue.

Over the years, Casa Garden's dedicated cadre of volunteers is proud to have been responsible for donating more than $2.69 million to the Sacramento Children’s Home.