4-star review from The Sacramento Bee

We're honored to be featured this December with a 4-star review from the Sacramento Bee! 

Casa Garden was charming. It was classy in an old-fashioned, non-trendy way. It was simple. You didn’t have to shout to be heard. Best of all, it was delicious.
— Blair Anthony Robertson, Sacramento Bee 2010
The food is reliably impressive, the service is charming, the room has a chalet-like elegance and, best of all, the tips go toward making the world a better place.
Our visits exceeded our expectations, and it was rewarding to know that a good tip was heading for a good cause. I highly recommend making this charming and enduring little hideaway a regular lunch stop.
— Blair Anthony Robertson, Sacramento Bee 2010
The food we had during our lunches hit all the right notes. The menu is short and sweet, and it changes weekly: There’s a main entree and an alternate entree, usually a large salad. There’s also a salad and half-sandwich option. You won’t find anything cutting-edge or exotic, but you will enjoy accurate cooking, nice presentations and thoughtful approaches to flavors.

Take the pork loin with roast potatoes, a truly accessible dish. The kitchen elevates this offering with a garlic crust, roasting it precisely so the lean pork is tender and moist. It’s sliced thick and, given the mild flavor of this cut, is finished with a sauce made of honey, sherry and orange juice. The salad one week was a Caesar with chicken, topped with Parmesan and excellent house-made croutons.

Desserts? How about enough intensely flavored raspberry sorbet to feed a family of four. Our other dessert was a warm chocolate cobbler. What words in that last sentence would dare make you think this was less than a home run? “Chocolate” plus “warm” equals melt-in-your-mouth.

On another occasion, we went a little different route, picking the main entree, then going with the salad and half-sandwich, which was pork roast with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese on a French roll. Quite good, especially with the sweetness and texture of the onions.

The main dish on that second visit was a golfer’s dream – straight down the middle. We’re talking roast chicken breast done right. It’s served with delicious wild rice accentuated with dried apricots, currants and a splash of triple sec to make it extra festive. This time, we split a fine chocolate cheesecake, as the other dessert was the massive raspberry sorbet I knew I couldn’t possibly finish.
— Blair Anthony Robertson, Sacramento Bee 2010